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The house is very often the biggest and the most illiquid asset. Circumstances change, we get promoted and need to relocate, we want to downsize, upsize or, simply, life happens. For whatever reason someone would want to relocate hotlets.com is here to help people sell their property in as easy and effortless way as possible.   


We are empowering people to move the minute they are ready. We can buy the property for cash so you can avoid months of inconvenient showings, uncertainty and stress. 


Hotlets.com offers fair price without any risk of financing fall through, inconvenient showings and repairs needed. You can move the minute you accept the offer. We are not a house flipper that offers below market pricing and gets the upside by making upgrades to the asset. We offer fair pricing to properties that are in good condition and we are looking for ways to pass the savings on to the customer.