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Frequently asked questions


What is hotlets?

Hotlets is an Amazon for real estate. Hotlets.com helps property owners sell their property with a click of a button. We are reinventing the home sale and disrupting the 129 billion industry by providing sellers with convenience, control and certainty. Sellers can sell their home by entering their home details and getting an offer in just a few clicks.


How do you calculate the property value? 

At Hotlets.com, an Amazon for real estate, we aim to provide simplified experience for selling and buying homes. For sellers, we aim to offer fair market value based on deep dive analytics. Every Hotlets.com offer is backed by decades of local real estate expertise, comp studies of recent nearby sales, and the most current market data. We also provide sellers with a free home assessment and a fair cost estimate of any repairs a buyer is likely to request. Sellers can close on their own timeline and get paid within a matter of days. Sellers can skip the work-we’ll handle repairs and deduct the costs. 


Once we’ve purchased a home, we take on the maintenance, make any necessary repairs, and find a buyer. Home shoppers can choose from other Hotlets.com homes. Once they find the right home for them, they can purchase it from us directly.


How much do you charge? 

The charge varies depending on number of factors- repairs needed, time we protect it will take to sell the property and neighborhood. We provide a free offer and assessment. We strive to keep our fees as low as possible and we’re always looking for ways to pass savings on to our customers. If a seller isn’t happy with their offer, they can walk away at any time.

We’re here to empower every homeowner to move the minute they’re ready, and we’re working hard to provide our service to buyers and sellers across the country.