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Hotlets will buy your property directly and will save you the hassle of listing, repairs, showings and months of uncertainty.


Enter your property details and get an offer in just a few clicks.


Accept your offer and complete your free property assessment.


Close on your timeline and get paid within a matter of days.



No listing, showings, staging or need to keep a spotless, show ready property at inconvenient times, no strangers walking through your property.

No worries about the cost of owning two properties. Pick your own closing date.

Transparent fees and pricing, cash buyer.

Skip the work. We will handle the repairs and deduct the costs.

Traditional sale

Frequent showings with strangers in your property at open houses, inconvenient weekend and night showings.

Uncertainty while waiting for offer. Stressful negotiations. Risk of buyer financing falling through or last minute buyer cancellation.

Hidden fees and upfront costs. Pay mortgage, utility and maintenance bills on two properties.

Potentially spending thousands to make your property market -ready and sellable. Search for contractors and manage repairs yourself.

Repairs costs

Hotlets will conduct an assessment of your property to find out if repairs are needed. If there are repairs that need to be handled, you have the option to deduct the costs and we will take care of all work.

Closing costs

each party is responsible for fees related to escrow, title insurance, recording and notarization.

Other costs

property taxes, insurance, maintenance and utilities.